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We want to make owning a website accessible to everyone. We enable thousands of people worldwide to own beautifully designed websites that are captivating and equipped with cutting-edge technology

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Yoursite was launched in 2012 and within a few years, a lot of hard work and the right technologies we grew our dynamic brand. Today, we have an extraordinary team of like-minded, talented professionals to help accomplish our dream of creating a professional website builder anyone can use!

We are dedicated to creating easy, ready to use websites. All our website templates are straightforward and responsive – meaning they are designed for multiple screens. Plus we offer powerful web hosting with the purchase of every site builder plan. 

Whether you have a single page website, a few or hundreds, our web hosting solutions are stable and guarantees 99.9% uptime. Your site will equally benefit from super-fast page load speeds with industry leading Tier IV data centers. We use real-people and advanced technology to monitor and manage our data center all year long – even on holidays.

We at yoursite.com, look forward to helping you start your online journey – equipped with essential tools to succeed.

We develop trendy, modern website themes so you can kick-start you online career

What Makes Us Special

eCommerce Ready Themes

All our sitebuilder templates are compatible with our eCommerce plugins. They support the most popular payment methods in the world such as credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and more.

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Backed By Avanced AI Technology

Our 200+ website templates use modern artificial intelligence which lets you create websites that are responsive, customizable, and reliable for business.

Advanced Coding Technology

No one understands websites better than we do. We’ve developed the best website tools to help kick-start your success. 

Our professional designs templates are breathtaking and allows you to captivate your audience each time they land on your site. They are all easy to modify, just drag-and-drop elements like a product gallerya shopping cart, smart push notifications etc.

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Passionate & Dedicated Team

Yoursite is driven by a highly efficient team of professionals who are go-getters and work hard to keep the ball rolling. They are incredibly passionate, highly competent, and all crazy about technology.

With our creative mix, we produce only the best products and provide the most professional solutions for each and every customer!

What we value is your success and this drives us to work harder and do more

You Motivate Us


Our mission is to empower millions of people to create an online presence to showcase their voices, talents and innovations to the world.

Our Vision

We seek to streamline website building for everyone including students, creative artists, start-ups and large corporate firms.


To use our skills and know-how to provide our customers with a world-class site editor that is straightforward, proficient and durable.

Ready To Start Your Website?

Our all-in-one site builder will equip you for your online journey. Register, your domain, get fast hosting and website security tool all in one place and with a single plan.