The Many Advantages of Using Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft outlook mail

While Microsoft Outlook was for many years the most popular email service, we have seen an array of new email service providers emerging in recent times. It is unfortunate but many people are not aware of the many benefits and advantages of using Microsoft Outlook mail which is an integral part of Microsoft Office (or you can download it free of charge as a standalone from Microsoft).

Before listing the numerous advantages of using Microsoft Outlook we will show you how to set up domain email in Outlook. However, it is worth noting that Microsoft Outlook is not just an email service!

How to configure Outlook 2016

There are many people who have clicked on Microsoft Outlook and then decide to look elsewhere. One of the issues may be the first impression, there is a lack of help but there is a simple reason why. Setting up an email account in Outlook is simpler than you could ever imagine.

  • Open Outlook
  • Select the File tab
  • Next select Account Settings in the Info category drop-down
  • You will see an Email tab, select New

This is where many people fail to appreciate the simplicity of setting up an Outlook email account. It is automatic!

  • Enter the email name, e.g. John Doe
  • Next enter the full email address
  • Then enter the email account password
  • Retype the password for confirmation

Next you will see Microsoft Outlook attempting to connect with your email account on your private hosting server account. This automatic process may take a little while as it is pulling the more technical server information from your email account.

This is perfectly safe because Microsoft Outlook has access to the account via the full email address and more importantly the password. After the process has finished you will see that the email account has been added to your list and is now available through Outlook. It is worth noting that you can add numerous domain name email addresses to your Outlook account.

Manual entry

There may be occasions where you need to add the domain name email settings manually but all of the information such as IMAP settings is readily available in your web hosting account control panel. Simply log into the control panel email section, choose the email you are looking to add to Microsoft Outlook and you will see an information section which gives you all of the details you will need to add manually. You may find the following instruction video from our YouTube channel, showing you how to set up Microsoft Outlook email accounts, of interest.

We will now move on to the advantages of using Microsoft Outlook.

The many advantages of Microsoft Outlook

As we touched on above, there is a general misconception that Microsoft Outlook is simply just another email service. When setting up a website there is much to think about such as domain names, web design, private hosting and bandwidth. So, an email system which is as automatic as you can ever hope for is both highly efficient and one less thing for you to worry about – keeping all of your email accounts in one place can be priceless.

Did you know that as well as being an integral part of Microsoft Office, the Microsoft Outlook package itself includes integrated:-

  • Address book
  • Notebook
  • Browser
  • Calendar


Search facility

While any email system would be expected to have a search facility, the Outlook system allows you to search not only your emails but the calendar, task manager and contact manager. In effect this is a one-stop shop which allows you to search right across the whole range of services available as part of Microsoft Outlook.

Easy organisation

In the past you will no doubt have received emails which have contained details about a future meeting with your colleagues. Outlook allows you to sync your emails with your calendar/contact list and add meeting information directly into your schedule. At the click of a button you can see what you have planned for the next few weeks. It can fill up fairly quickly so you need to keep control!

Security features

We all know there is an ever-increasing danger from fraudulent and phishing emails. While in our minds we know exactly what to look out for, and what not to click on, sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is easy to forget. Thankfully Microsoft Outlook offers significant protection with an inbuilt email scanner which will alert you to possible problem communications. The Microsoft Outlook download facility is also scanned and secure for added confidence. At any time you can also choose to disable live links and block individual senders through the system set-up.

Share your calendar

The ability to share your calendar with others is an integral part of the success of Microsoft Outlook. Rather than copying and pasting, typing and making errors, you can simply open up various areas of your calendar to trusted parties. This allows you to sync time together, make adjustments and better manage your individual and cumulative time. Many people don’t realise how simple this calendar function is to use and how much it can improve your efficiency.


We live in a world where connectivity on the move is vital both in our business and private lives. Therefore it is reassuring to know that syncing smart phones and other mobile devices with your Microsoft Outlook account is extremely easy. Thankfully, the level of security around mobile connectivity has been greatly enhanced which together with the secure nature of Microsoft Outlook creates a high level of confidence.

Off-line access to emails

Off-line access to emails is becoming more and more important especially when travelling by methods which don’t naturally integrate mobile connectivity. For example, if you are travelling on an aeroplane the chances are you won’t have online access so where does this leave you? Well, Microsoft Outlook allows you to access your emails offline and store sent emails which are automatically sent when a connection is available. Some other email services only allow restricted access to historic emails when off-line but Microsoft Outlook has no such restrictions.

Organising your emails

There is nothing worse than having to look through emails before you know which directory to move them into. This takes time and sometimes you get involved in reading through emails which are not necessarily vitally important. Therefore, many people will find the automatic categorisation of emails in Microsoft Outlook extremely useful. You can set the conditions, add visual clues such as colour codes and also look for trigger words. Simple, but extremely effective!

Multiple sender flag

During our lifetime the vast majority of us will send individual emails to the wrong people and sometimes to the wrong list of people! Thankfully, Microsoft Outlook has a facility which will create a visual flag to let you know that this email is going to a relatively large distribution list. It may correctly be destined for a large distribution list but in the event you have made a mistake it will make you think again.

Scheduling resources

When looking to schedule a meeting the vast majority of people will just add individuals and make them aware of the date and the time – simple and effective. Microsoft Outlook allows you to add an array of resources under the “attendee list” which effectively prompts you to ensure that all relevant resources are available prior to and during the meeting. Until you try this one, you won’t know how useful it is.


Microsoft Outlook may have been around for many years but it has been continually improved and expanded. Unfortunately, many people do not fully appreciate the simplicity of the service let alone the additional add-on facilities. The ability to manage your time more efficiently, work off-line and also integrate all of the services together should not be overlooked. Microsoft Outlook mail may be the headline act but there is much more behind this software package than just sending and receiving emails!