What is SSL stripping and how to avoid it?

  SSL Stripping, also known as SSL Downgrade attacks, is in simple terms, high-tech , undetected eavesdropping. The aim of an SSL Stripping attack is always to kill secure communication without the victim realizing. It’s all about data collection and manipulation. SSL Stripping allows attackers to downgrade your connection from a secure HTTPS to an insecure HTTP. This in turn, leaves you vulnerable to spying and data manipulation. It [...]

No Website? Your Company Is Losing Business

It is hard to imagine companies without websites. It is also easy to assume that having a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram etc. is enough, but it is not.   In order to have a successful business in this modern marketplace, it is essential to have a professional website. Your website opens your business and brand to the world. If by just using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, [...]

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Keys to Building a Successful E-Commerce Store

Building and setting up your e-commerce store is easy as a click of a button these days. So simple that the steps involve deciding on your product line, registering your site’s domain, and choosing an e-commerce platform to host your site on. Yes, today opening an e-commerce store is faster than ever but in order to have a fighting chance in the industry, there are some keys you [...]

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