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Create A Free Custom Email with cPanel in 5 Steps

Set up free custom emails in your cPanel. Here are the top reasons websites and business owners create custom cPanel emails: 1. It looks professional 2. It creates a clear link between your business and…
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Are Cheap SSL Certificates Worth It?

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Monitor Your Website: 8 Reasons To Start Now

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Domain vs Website: Why Do They Matter?

A domain and a website are not one in the same.We examine the differences of a domain vs website and how web hosting brings them together.
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23 Facts About Our Easy Sitebuilder

Want a great website but low on time? With the Easy Sitebuilder, you can create a beautiful website in minutes, even if you don’t know about web design!
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3 best ways to generate backlinks to your website

Backlinks help to boost your website's SEO. Generating good backlinks is not always easy. So, we're sharing the best ways to generate backlinks. Read more.
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Wiks vs Best Sitebuilder Features

Sitebuilders make creating your website easier. No coding, no need to hire a web developer. But which is better? Let's compare Yoursite and Wiks.
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9 SEO Tips to get your site noticed (Bing & Google!)

One of the easiest ways to get your site noticed online is to pay for advertisements on other websites. However, for new website owners this can become costly very fast. Thankfully a cheaper alternative exists.…

7 SEO Tips to Increase Website Speed in 2020

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9 Easy Trick to Boost Your Website Theme Design

More often than not your homepage is the first page visitors will see when they come to your site. Even if they come via a search engine link which takes them to another page, at…