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Create a Business Email for your website in 4 Easy Steps

In 4 Easy Steps, learn how to create a basic email for your website and Explore what a Custom Business Email address can do for business owners. Emails will have your unique domain name so…
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8 Secrets for Creating a Great Small Business Website

There are eight things you need to think about before you start building your website, and we’re going to walk you through them
Microsoft outlook mail

The Many Advantages of Using Microsoft Outlook

While any email system would be expected to have a search facility, the Outlook system allows you to search not only your emails but the calendar, task manager and contact manager. In effect this is…
Mobile website design

10 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Website Design and Avoid Penalties

If you want to give your website the best shot at a high search engine ranking, you need to make sure you use good SEO tools and that you generate high-quality backlinks to your website.…
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The Best Website SEO Checklist for 2021

20 steps to improve your SEO strategy and boost web traffic! (who doesn’t want more web traffic?) BONUS: How website builder software can boost web traffic!
covid-19-update Covid-19 Update

Find the latest covid-19 Update on our blog. Our Business Continuity Plan works perfectly and all services work as they should under normal conditions.
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Create A Free Custom Email with cPanel in 5 Steps

Set up free custom emails in your cPanel. Here are the top reasons websites and business owners create custom cPanel emails: 1. It looks professional 2. It creates a clear link between your business and…
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Are Cheap SSL Certificates Worth It?

Cheap SSL Certificates are a great choice for businesses those websites that need a secure connection online. Learn more about the value of cheap SSL certs.
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Monitor Your Website: 8 Reasons To Start Now

Here are 8 top reasons to monitor your website now. 1. Protect your reputation 2. Protect your revenue 3. Save time on maintenance Continue reading for more
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Domain vs Website: Why Do They Matter?

A domain and a website are not one in the same.We examine the differences of a domain vs website and how web hosting brings them together.