What’s the difference? Domain vs Website

There is a special relationship that exists between a domain and a website. They are intricately tied to each other and you need both and a web host, of course, to establish and maintain a presence on the web. The close relationship they share has resulted in them being mistaken for the same thing, but they are actually quite different things, with very different functions. We explain those differences and how web hosting brings your domain and website together to create unique spaces on the web. What is a domain? A domain or a domain name, as it is frequently called, is an internet address. It’s what is used to recognize email addresses and emails. The domain for this website, for example, is yoursite.com. For email purposes, gmail.com would be the domain. A domain is what’s entered in the URL bar on the browser, when you are trying to locate a particular website. In the same way your home address helps mail come to your home, a domain name sends users to a particular website. What is a website? It is a compilation of files, date, pages and images that you see when you enter a domain name into your web browser. Put [...]

Get to Know our Easy Sitebuilder

 Nobody wants a terrible website. And yet, the internet is littered with them. When your website it cluttered and hard to navigate, nobody stays on it for very long. In fact, after a while, people will stop visiting it altogether. But if you don’t have a strong coding background, you might think your options are (1) spend lots of cash hiring a web designer, (2) spend lots of hours becoming a web designer, or (3) powering through with your hideous web site. But you don’t have to be a tech genius to create a web site people actually want to visit.  Our Easy Sitebuilder takes the guesswork out of creating a gorgeous, professional-looking web site, so you can look like an expert even if you’re just starting out. What’s the Easy Sitebuilder? The Easy Sitebuilder is a revolutionary automatic website maker that lets you create a stunning web site without having to do any coding. If that sounds too good to be true, we get it. So, don’t take our word for it. Check out some reviews from people who’ve already tried it! Here’s what people are saying about the Easy Sitebuilder: “Great sitebuilder! We tried many alternatives, including weebly and rvsitebuilder. This is [...]

Wiks vs Yoursite.com: Best Sitebuilder Features

Owning a website is an essential part of operating a successful business these days. If you are a beginner, you need to choose the best web hosting company and efficient website builder to help with your SEO ranking. If you are looking for a high-quality web hosting company to extend your reach and increase website traffic but aren’t sure which to choose we are here to help. Today, we’ll look at two popular web hosting sites, Yoursite and Wiks. Both sitebuilders offer web hosting and allow you to build your own website without needing advanced or even moderate coding skills. They do this by using a sitebuilder with simple and efficient drag and drop interface. This interface automatically generates codes so you don't need to. We’ll take an in-depth look at their prices, performance, features, and more, to help make it easier for you to choose between these two popular site building services. Yoursite.com Yoursite.com provides highly-responsive sitebuilder. All designs adapt to different screen sizes,  so your website will look great on all screens. It has amassed a following, because of its ease of use. Not only does Yoursite offer numerous stylish and professional easy to use templates, but it [...]

Website Theme Design: Home Page Design, Visitor Experience and Ranking Higher

More often than not your homepage is the first page visitors will see when they come to your site. Even if they come via a search engine link which takes them to another page, at some point they will likely visit your homepage. As a consequence, homepage design is very important and something you need to take time to consider. As well as building a business you need to create an online experience which visitors will not forget. Reliable host You would be surprised how many people spend a significant amount of money on their website theme design then try and save a few dollars on their hosting. The first task for any online entrepreneur is to ensure they have a reliable hosting company with high guaranteed uptime – no website, no traffic, no sales, it really is that simple. There is no point having the best website in the world if it is down more than your competitors. Shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are three of the main options available with many focused on e-commerce websites. The one you choose will depend upon the traffic and complexity of your website, therefore it is worth taking advice [...]

Importing a website to yoursite.com

It is fair to say that historically the idea of importing a website to a new website hosting platform was terrifying for those with no experience. Would files be lost? Would data be corrupted? How much downtime might you expect? There are also many fairly simple questions which new online entrepreneurs were maybe afraid to ask as they seemed “obvious”. What would you say if we said there was an option to import a whole website to your new hosting account with yoursite.com? That is exactly what we have done, introduced a very simple one click process by which all of the files associated with your website can be transferred to your new hosting account. There are also other issues to consider which we will also cover in this article. 1. Setting up a hosting account In order to register or transfer a domain name you will need to sign up to one of the shared hosting provider plans available. It is worth noting that website hosting with email is automatic although you will need to set up the individual email accounts in cPanel. So, once you have signed up to a hosting plan the process of importing your website [...]