Are Cheap SSL Certificates Worth It?

As we enter a new decade, online security should be one of your top priorities. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a reliable and efficient website security certificate or SSL certificate. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate is an internationally recognised standard security technology with the core feature of encrypting communication between a web browser and a webserver. As such, it facilitates the protection of sensitive data as it travels over the internet. Therefore, an SSL certificate facilitates private communication between the intended parties. In addition, an SSL certificate also helps to improve your SEO ranking. allows you to easily manage your website, secure hosting and SSL certificates all in one place. Companies and individuals around the globe use SSL Certificates to significantly decrease the risk of sensitive information, including full names, credit card credentials, usernames, emails and passwords being tampered with and stolen by hackers. It also protects your website from SSL stripping. Part of deciding to buy SSL certificates is the price. Are cheap SSL Certificates worth it? Are all SSL Certificates the same? This article will provide these answers. Are All SSL Certificates The Same? Not all SSL certificates are the [...]

Six Easy to make Websites that you can do right now

This is the information age and we all consume tons of it each day. With just the click of a few buttons, we easily gain access to an unlimited amount of content.  Think about it, how many websites have you visited since the day started? Several, maybe. Most of us reside in consumer mode. However, have you ever thought of doing more than just consuming? Have you ever considered making your own website but feel daunted by the process? There’s no need to be, with a couple of hours to spare you can create your very own website backed by a reputable website hosting and domain service provider. 6 Easy to make Websites Here are six easy-to-make websites that you can create right now. You can put these simple websites together in a couple of hours or over a weekend.   1. Business Website A website is critical in the growth of your company, whether you just started a small business or own an enterprise. A business website is one that’s devoted to representing a specific business. Since it’s the online reputation of your business, it should reflect the same branding as your company. That means the same logo and [...]

What is SSL stripping and how to avoid it?

 SSL Stripping, also known as SSL Downgrade attacks, is in simple terms, high-tech , undetected eavesdropping. The aim of an SSL Stripping attack is always to kill secure communication without the victim realizing. It’s all about data collection and manipulation. SSL Stripping allows attackers to downgrade your connection from a secure HTTPS to an insecure HTTP. This in turn, leaves you vulnerable to spying and data manipulation. It is somewhat similar to wiretapping, just a little more technical. However, both wiretapping and SSL Stripping have a ‘man-in-the-middle’ - the person who does the eavesdropping. In this case, it’s the hacker, who creates a proxy server that intercepts and reroutes the traffic from a victim’s computer to theirs. They can then use the intercepted information to do just about anything they want. Users will often not realize their information is being or has been compromised, because they will end up on a page that looks practically the same as the one they were searching for. That’s how SSL Stripping tricks users into believing their connection is secure and their data encrypted, but the connection is actually insecure and the data is sent in plain text, because the encryption would have [...]