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1. Select A Template

Choose from a library of over 200 responsive themes.

Step 2

2. Add Your Content

Drag and drop text, pictures, videos and more engaging content.

Step 3

3. Publish Your Site

Review content, check if cart and links work well before publishing.

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Multiple Payment Options

With a wide selection of payment gateways, you can choose the best ones based on geo-location. Plus, you can also add popular payment options that your customers already trust like PayPal and Strike!  

Payment Options
Social icons

Add Social Icons & Share Buttons

Interact and engage with your audience on social media to drive traffic to your website. Our themes are all compatible with a variety of social media icons including Twitter and Facebook. Add or remove icons as you wish and use share buttons with ease.

100% Customizable Templates

This option lets you modify font, configure style, image size, currency, thumbnails and more. Plus, all our themes are built for the devices your customers use like tablets and mobiles. Use our built-in preview buttons to see exactly how your content looks on mobile devices before you publish.

Customizable templates
Easy-to-use templates

Easy To Use

Select any website template you want. There is absolutely no need for advanced coding or IT skills. All our templates use a drag-and-drop interface making it one of the easiest to modify. Plus, you don’t need to create themes from scratch, just select one from our library! 

200 Website Templates

With up to 200 websites templates with seamless designs, you are guaranteed to find one that makes your business stand out. Make any template ecommerce ready by adding ecommerce plugins to the website design.

Website templates
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We are here for you. Our dedicated support team consists of highly skilled trained technicians who are ready and able to help you.

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Create and publish your website today with the best website maker software, it’s risk free with 30-day money back guarantee. Dream it and build it, we’re confident that you can create it with our site builder tools. Created by experts!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

ECommerce Website Builder FAQs

An online store website builder lets you create simple ecommerce websites using prebuilt templates. Simply choose your template, add your own pictures, unique content and launch it to start selling your products online. There’s zero need to code, though ecommerce builders like the one on, provide advanced features that allow experienced users to add custom code to the templates.

Creating your online store is the most important step of your business because your site will trigger the purchase. If it is not optimized for smartphones, if it is poorly referenced on search engines or not very ergonomic, your online store may miss many sales. It is therefore important to take these details into account from the beginning of the project. First, define your needs: how many items do you want to sell? What kind of services will you sell? What is your technical knowledge? Depending on the answers to these questions, you can define which tool you will use to create your website.

Create ecommerce website with these steps:

  • Once you’ve decided which software will best suit your needs, all you have to do is install the software with one click.
  • The software is included and pre-installed, all you have to do is click.
  • Then, you select your professional theme that corresponds to your activity.
  • In a few clicks you can change the colors of the theme to match your logo for example.
  • In order to guarantee a good conversion rate, take care of the navigation of your site and the security. A customer who does not feel safe will not buy.
  • Insert your payment methods among the many proposed. All these configurations do not require any technical skills. All you have to do is insert your products and services that you want to sell online and then reference your e-Commerce site.
  • Your site is ready to be put online.

Follow these steps to create simple ecommerce website. Make your e-Commerce site evolve according to the feedback of the customers. Offer more payment methods, simplify the payment process, manage the delivery terms. Develop your web marketing strategy by offering vouchers and keeping your customers informed.

No. Creating an online store is not only for entrepreneurs who want to find new customers online

An e-commerce site is also a good idea for individuals who want to sell their items online, while having control over their sales. From crochet items to homemade preserves, your online store allows you to sell anything you want.

Opening your own online store is easy. The professionals who design online store solutions actually do all the work for you: no programming or coding knowledge is required to set up an online store. Just choose a template, add photos and product descriptions to get started quickly and reach your customers.

You can then easily create an online store on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, thanks to the module that allows you to sync your store to social networks.

To create a simple ecommerce website requires the choice of a relevant and confident internet address. Choosing the URL address of your ecommerce site should not be done randomly. If you already own your company, it is recommended to take the name of your company if it is still available. To do this, check the availability of your domain before purchasing a domain name. Thus, you can find other alternatives if it is taken. 

With the formula of creation of an online store, your domain name is offered the first year! An expense in less, not negligible when one creates his company. 

Knowing how to build an ecommerce website is good, but you need to use some marketing strategies to make yourself known on the web. First of all, it is important to focus on your natural referencing by paying attention to your sitemap, your url, definition of your keywords, customization of meta-description, etc. The natural referencing will allow you to appear in the first pages of Google naturally so that the Internet users find you directly.

SEO, Search engine optimization tools are game changers for website owners looking to move up in SERP rankings fast. They allow you to track popular keywords in your niche, optimize your meta descriptions, page titles, and on page content. SEO tools are great for scanning your site and finding technical issues – most of which you can fix on your own. Check out yoursite’s premium and free SEO tool to get your custom SEO report in minutes.

Then, you can use newsletters by making mailing lists to communicate with your customers on promotions and news about your business. Creating a blog is also a very good way to communicate and share information with your users. This solution will allow you to publish content regularly for Google and to give added value to your users with tips, news…

Finally, an essential strategy nowadays to create visibility is social networks. Your presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube will allow you to share content, promotions, news to your potential customers but also to create advertising campaigns to target new prospects.

With, the social network sharing buttons are available by simply dragging and dropping them on your website to link your website to your social networks.

It will take you from a few hours to a day, depending on the number of products you want to offer. We provide online tutorials to help you with our ecommerce website builder as much as possible. Find them here on our blog and visit our knowledge base for more.

No, you will have to configure your store by adding content, attractive pictures, product description, payment gateways and so on, before it is ready!

When you order, you receive a template with substitute text and pictures. You will need to set it to suit your business. This video tutorial shares simple steps to customize your online store.

Simply the power of the servers. The e-commerce servers are shared* but with optimized settings for the operation of an online store.

* Shared hosting: Location on a web server (this is used by multiple website as the web host sees fit) where you can put your site so that they are visible online to all.

The means of payment are very important for the design of an e-commerce site, contact your bank in the first place to inform them of your project and define your needs. You can then activate the means of payment of your choice and the most relevant for your customers (bank transfer, PayPal, CB, Easy Pay and much more).

You can use rest assured that whatever payment methods you may find suitable will be supported by our website which accepts over 35 payment methods.

With, you have very useful marketing tools to find customers and retain customers. Email marketing is one of the most popular and most effective means to connect with clients and talk about your services. You have tools such as the insertion of promo codes, complete sales statistics, customer reviews, sharing on social networks and many others. These tools will allow you to develop your own marketing strategy to attract new prospects and make your brand attractive.

Get access to one of the cheapest ecommerce website builder there is on the internet. Build your ecommerce website from $15/month and get access to all the tools you need to land the perfect ecommerce website with our online store website builder and start running your online business.

With, you can easily manage your orders from the back office. Each order received is automatically referenced in your interface. You can follow the evolution of your orders, stocks and products online. Inventory management is very important to follow your inventory. Manage shipments with your carrier as soon as an order is placed in order to respect delivery deadlines.

According to the law, an online sales site must contain two mandatory pages: The General Terms and Conditions of Sale or the legal notices. As for a physical store, the online seller must protect himself from any fraud and also reassure his customer by writing legal notices that stipulate who owns the website and general conditions of sale that determine the limits of your site.

The legal mentions must contain according to the law in force: the name, the complete address of the company, the company registration number, the capital of your company, the name of the host of the site, your means of contact (telephone, postal address, e-mail…), the name of the manager of the company and so on.

In order to manage your orders easily, allows you to manage your orders from the administrator interface in order to follow their evolution.

In order to ensure that all these orders are delivered on time, you will need to negotiate a contract with your delivery service or other carriers to ensure delivery to your customers. Whatever your choice, before opening your online store, be sure that you will have a carrier who can ensure deliveries from your warehouse to your customers’ homes. Negotiate an advantageous contract with the carriers in relation to the number of parcels you will send per month/year according to the business plan you have written beforehand.

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Whether it’s helping you choose a domain name, walking you through our easy website builder, or configuring your cloud email system for your business, our experts are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!

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