Step 2 Purchase a domain name transfer

1. After purchasing the transfer, you can choose to either keep the existing nameservers, or park the nameservers.

Note: If you’re not changing the hosting for your domain, you may want to select “keep existing nameservers” to be certain your site does not go down during the transfer. If your website is not hosted, you can select “park nameservers” and Yoursite will create a temporary page that users will see when they visit your site, until you have set up your site’s hosting.

Step 1 Obtain your EPP authorization code

1. Log in to your account at

2. In the top left-hand corner, click the “My domains” button.

3. Click the “Billing/Renewal” tab.

4. Beneath the “Domain Renewals” field, click “Request Authcode.”

5. The code should appear in this field. If not, contact

6. Provide this authcode to Yoursite and we will complete the transfer process.