Site Builder

Do I need IT expertise to use yoursite’s builder?2019-03-21T08:17:17+02:00

No. Though a plus, having IT skills is by no means a requirement, yoursite builder is easy to use so you won’t have to worry. With a modern drag-and-drop feature, all you have to do after selecting a template is add content and drag elements where you want it on the page.

Should I install something before using the site builder?2019-03-21T08:20:03+02:00

No. There’s nothing to install. Everything is done online and changes are autosaved as you customize your template.

Can I sell products online?2019-03-21T08:20:30+02:00

Absolutely! Just select an ecommerce widget or one of our ready to use ecommerce template. You can set prices, and checkout, add an SSL certificate for secure encryption and create a fully equipped ready to use e-store.

Can I upload videos to my website?2019-03-21T08:20:54+02:00

Yes. As a matter of fact, uploading videos has never been easier. All you need to do is to find the video widget and add this to the template. You can also add videos from YouTube or any other popular video website.

Can I change a template after I’ve created my website?2019-03-21T08:21:21+02:00

Yes. Did you see another cool template design? Make it your own. Try not to stress, get the design that makes your website shine and there’s no need to worry about losing content. It will be automatically transferred to your new template.

Can I add a call to action button?2019-03-21T08:21:51+02:00

Yes. This is very easy to implement. In the top menu bar of the builder, select the ‘button’ widget and place it where you want on the template. Add your Call to action message and customize the color, font and background as you wish. Then, link it to a page, shopping cart or website that you want.

What is Payment Pending?2019-03-21T08:22:18+02:00

Payment pending implies that we have no answer from the payment party yet. There could be no assets on your PayPal/Card or installment framework is temporarily not working. When your account is charged, it means payment is working normally.

Can I change a web page container width?2019-03-21T08:22:43+02:00

Yes. The container width will adjust automatically for wide tablets, laptops, and mobile phone.

Landing page design2019-03-21T08:23:12+02:00

To change your landing page, tap on the ‘Settings icon’ in site builder and select ‘Landing.’

What is the entire process to build a website?2019-03-21T08:24:24+02:00

Building a website covers 5 key stages.

  • First, pick your website hosting provider and domain name (www.yoursite.com).
  • Choose our website builder and select a theme.
  • Start customizing your theme to make it your own.
  • Run tests and make final tweaks on your new site.
  • Hit publish and start to share your site with the rest of the world!



Who can use the SEO tools?2019-04-12T09:05:03+02:00

There are no restrictions in terms of those who want to use the SEO tools, even without knowledge about their performance purchasing one is of importance since it takes no time before the results are clear to you and well understood. The tool includes a simple guideline by which every user can easily understand and get assistance if needed from our expert SEO support.

Do plans auto renew when a subscription ends?2019-04-12T09:05:31+02:00

Yes. By default, all our plans are set to auto renew at the end of a subscription. Depending on your plan this may be monthly or annually. We always issue an invoice 10-days before the end of a subscription period to allow users to update their plan or their change payment details.

Will competitors be aware that I’m monitoring them?2019-04-12T09:05:59+02:00

No. The search results, recommendations and even ends of certain term reports are some the types of data that are generated by the tool. The data can only be viewed by the owner of the tool when subscribed to it hence no worry about competitors’ position concerning your monitoring of their position.

What does the SEO Tool do?2019-04-12T09:10:40+02:00

The tool will drive relevant traffic into your website since the search engine results will show your name or brand at the first ranking. A better ranking boosts your website visit and visibility by organic traffic which can have an advantageous impact especially to website owners who want to make sales, the market will widen increasing the sales volume.


What does SSL Certificates secure/encrypt?2019-04-10T09:37:46+02:00

It ensures secure customer logins, web forms, and also protection of credit card details from hackers. With SSL certificates, you have secure webmail and emails protection. It also safeguards data sent through various sharing platforms and servers.

How long does it take to get an SSL Certification2019-04-10T09:38:40+02:00

To time it takes to get an SSL certificate depends on the security level your website requires. 

Domain Validation (DV) takes at most one day.

Organization Validation (OV) takes 1-2 days to authenticate including four verification processes; which are a voice call, company authentication, and domain and locality verification.

Extended Validation (EV) certificates take anything between 5-7 days because of the longer verification requirements.

Can you define an SSL Certificates?2019-04-10T09:39:38+02:00

An SSL is a document used to prove that an individual or organization is who they say they are. The certificate shows the public the true name of the company and the full web domain name that the certificate is registered.

The secure certificate transmits data on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which then encrypts the data using decryption encryption technology. This is a key component for online businesses because it creates a trusted environment for potential customers to feel confident while making purchases. SSL certificates establish a secure connection thus establishing trust and authentication.

What basic information can you find on an SSL certificate?2019-04-10T09:40:13+02:00

An SSL certificates document bears the creation and expiration dates, a copy of the certificate holder’s public key and the digital signature of the certificate (the issuing SSL certificate authority).

What are SSL certificates used for?2019-04-10T09:40:51+02:00

SSL certificates provide tough encryption for data transferred from server to browser. The procedure or obtaining an SSL for your website is different depending on your choice of SSL certificate. Registered domains are for public use, one needs to comply with the rules regulated by the Certificate Authorities (CA) which are used to obtain SSL certificates.

What are the different kinds of SSL certificates?2019-04-10T09:41:22+02:00

SSL certificate provide three main trust and encryption levels. The trust levels are the extended validation (EV), organization validation (OV), and domain validation (DV).

To gain a Domain Validated Certificate, the Certification Authority checks to see whether the applicant owns the domain they want to secure.

Organization Validated Certificates have a more complicated validation process. The Certification Authority needs much more information in order to validate the SSL encryption. Also, anyone who clicks on the security padlock will see information about the security of the site.

Extended Validations certificates are the most complicated to obtain since you undergo a more intensive vetting process before getting a certificate of trust. It offers the highest security; thus, the company name is displayed on the address bar, which symbolizes absolute trust.

Why should I use SSL certificates on my website?2019-04-10T09:41:49+02:00

Using SSL protection creates trust between you and your users. It improves the overall reputation of your business. Having a certificate will also take your website a notch higher in the search options. SSL creates a safe connection between the domain and the browser, blocking all security breaches and attempts to breach by hackers.

As long as you have an online presence, you need SSL to secure your details and your clients. This goes a long way in insuring your online business.

Certificate Signing Request2019-04-10T09:42:35+02:00

A Certificate signing request (CSR) is a prompt originating from your server. It is essential for validation and Certificate Authorities (CA) cannot give you with a certificate before they receive a CSR.

Your server will generate the CSR on your request. It is essential for you to know the server that you use for this to be possible. If you do not know the kind of server that your website is hosted on, you can ask your web hosting providerto give more information

Website hosting

How does Website Hosting work?2019-03-22T11:54:46+02:00

This is a pretty simple concept to understand. We will use a common example to illustrate. First, web hosting is like renting real estate to set up your online identity. On purchasing web hosting, you are in fact renting space and assets on a server. Yoursite.com offers a complete web hosting platform with tailored web hosting packages to give you useful tools, all the server space you need plus world-class support so you can have the site you always wanted.

What can I use to build my website?2019-03-22T11:56:02+02:00

Not only does Yoursite.com provide a complete web hosting service, but we also have our own website builder! We aspire to be your go-to website builder and hosting provider. The world’s best site builder can be found here. Our themes are professionally designed and incorporate artificial intelligence to fully optimize your site making it compatible for every device. Get a beautiful professional looking site off the ground in no time. You can likewise utilize WordPress, build a spectacular e-store or add the most popular free web apps with our 1-click app installer, by Softaculous.

What sort of Web Hosting plan do I need?2019-03-22T11:56:49+02:00

Yoursite.com’s boasts comprehensive web hosting plans that are fast, reliable and scalable enough for just about any website. We offer an extensive array of web tools consisting of all the essentials for security, backup, management and monitoring. Build a professional site and use advanced management tools like cPanel to master website administrative tasks, and our professional SEO tool. Our leading hosting plans match the needs of beginners, freelancers all the way up to large corporations. Plus, if you are uncertain about what plan to choose, you can contact our web hosting support experts, available all day, every day/365 to help you. In addition, Yoursite.com offers addons so you can tweak your ideal web hosting plan – customized by you, only for you!

I’m with another hosting provider. Can you help me to move my hosting to your platform?2019-03-22T11:57:37+02:00

Definitely! We will deal with the whole procedure for you. So, you can relax because you are in good hands. Best of all? It’s 100% FREE of charge. First, you’ll need to purchase the hosting plan you want. Next, login to the client area and open a support ticket and inform us of your intension. Then, we’ll take it from there.

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee?2019-03-22T11:58:34+02:00

Yoursite.com is pleased to offer a 30-day Guarantee for all our Web Hosting plans. Though we are confident in our high standard of service, should you desire to end your subscription within 30 days we’ll understand. Come back another time :) If you need more information please examine our Terms of Use.

Can you explain the difference between a server and Web Hosting?2019-03-22T11:59:22+02:00

Servers are super computers, the backbone of the internet (massive in size and storage capacity), they make up the infrastructure of web hosting. Both website’s configuration and data are saved on servers, i.e. a site and all its content, graphics, code etc. A web server is a computer program that serves up web pages to a browser on demand. Yoursite.com configures servers so you need not worry about the technical aspects.

With Yoursite.com can I host multiple domain names and websites?2019-03-22T11:59:58+02:00

Yes, you can create as many domains and websites as you like. This all depends on the hosting plan you subscribe to. For example, in our Beginner package, you can have up to two sites, and this amount is expanded to unlimited sites in the Ultimate package. What’s more, as you spread your wings and grow, you are more than welcome to upgrade to a more amazing and adaptable plan. Get more Disk Space, Bandwidth, Email accounts and other resources as it suits your growing business needs.

Website Monitoring

I made my payment. Why am I receiving a message that my account has expired?2019-04-12T07:39:47+02:00

It may take a few minutes before your payment is processed. If you do not receive confirmation shortly, please contact Support.

What is the name of your monitoring software?2019-04-12T07:40:55+02:00

Our monitoring software is called Monitoring.me. Yousite.com uses this advanced monitoring to give clients a reliable and advanced monitoring tool to better manage uptime and track their website, databases and network from anywhere in the world.

How long will it take till I can view any information or data on my dashboard?2019-04-12T07:41:34+02:00

You should be able to view data on your dashboard within a few minutes, followed by updates every 5 minutes.

While performing Real User Monitoring, is there anything else required, other than replicating the tracking code onto my page?2019-04-12T07:42:11+02:00

No. We do, however, provide a basic module for WordPress that will automate copy/pasting tasks for those three applications.

Can my logo be added to reports?2019-04-12T07:44:10+02:00

Yes. To transfer your logo:

  • Navigate to Name in the top-right corner. A drop-down menu opens.
  • Choose Profile, then choose Account Logo.
  • Upload your logo.
  • The new logo will be shown on all reports and shared pages.
What does NOK mean?2019-04-12T07:44:41+02:00

NOK indicates the occurrence of an event that is Not OK. It can refer to any error during uptime monitoring, for example, ping, HTTP(S), or DNS.

How does uptime monitoring work?2019-04-12T07:46:00+02:00

Uptime monitoring checks the availability and the reaction time of your site and the health of its external infrastructure. End user interaction with your web pages is a gauge of the stability of your websites. Our external monitoring software can pre-empt customer dissatisfaction by sending instant alerts about potentially costly issues before they become out-of-hand.

Choose your preferred alert format: Twitter, Email, SMS, telephone calls, or alarms.

I only want to monitor the CPU usage of my VPN servers. Can I track just one metric?2019-04-12T07:47:08+02:00

Yes. We can configure the tracking of only CPU usage, or of any other metric that is important to you.

What locations around the world are included in your monitoring?2019-04-12T07:48:02+02:00

Our monitored locations include: The Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa.

What Protocols does the monitoring tool support?2019-04-12T07:48:37+02:00

The Yoursite.com Website Monitoring tool supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MySQL, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, TCP, SIP, SSH, SOAP, UDP, PING, and DNS.


What is a Domain name?2019-03-25T08:39:24+02:00

A domain, also referred to as a namespace, is a unique online name that directs internet users to a website. Domain names play a huge part in your online brand identity, so picking the right one is like hitting the nail on the head; it is super important that you get it right. At Yoursite.com, we regard your brand with high esteem, and selecting a domain name to back it is equally important – that is why we’re always replenishing our library with new trendy domain names to give you even more choices.

I need help to register my Domain. What should I do?2019-03-25T08:58:27+02:00

First remember this rule of thumb when you choose a domain name: Short domain names are better, catchy, easier to say and remember. If possible, register a domain name in your company’s name or try using relevant SEO key terms for your brand.

To keep things simple, we recommend that you avoid adding special characters like hyphens and numbers.

What’s a ccTLD?2019-03-25T08:59:21+02:00

A ccTLD is short for Country Code Top Level Domain. These types of domains (consisting of two characters) let you discover places with the official country or region’s domain, for instance: .uk .ie, .de, .fr, .eu and so on. Generally, to register a ccTLD one needs to provide either a permanent address or business address to prove residence or business operation. Note that for .ie domains you simply need to show you have associations in Ireland.

What are gTLDs2019-03-25T08:59:53+02:00

Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) are fundamentally a singular word that users type in to find your site like .com, .net, .org etc. This is this most popular category of TLDs (.com falls in this category and it’s the most popular of them all).

As more sites surge online, (over 1.5 billion as of 2018) it became evident that more industry specific TLDs were needed. These new gTLDs are more descriptive than ever before and instantly lets your users know what your website is about.  Showcase your site with new gTLD choices like .MEDIA, .STORE, .APP and so on.

Email Marketing

How many newsletters can I send monthly or annually?2019-07-17T13:06:23+02:00

There’s no limit on the number of newsletters you can send. Simply create and send as many as you deem necessary.

Can I upgrade to a bigger plan?2019-07-17T13:06:47+02:00

Yes. You can easily buy a larger plan. The process is simple, if you already created an account, then go to client login area and there click on Upgrade (found on the left-menu bar) to change your plan.

What are the payment options?2019-07-17T13:15:18+02:00

You can make payments using your MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. We also accept payments from PayPal, bank transfers, and Crypto-currencies.