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Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email Service

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email Service

The Most Powerful Emailing Hosting Solution!

The Most Powerful Emailing Hosting Solution!

  • 99.9% Server Uptime
  • Safe and Secure Email Platform
  • Sync emails and work from anywhere
  • Collaborate with teams worldwide
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Microsoft Hosted Exchange Plan 2019

 If you own a website, let’s help you create your email today!

  • We offer 100GB mailboxes
  • Sync with multiple devices such as: Mobiles, tablets and PCs
  • Unlimited 24/7 email support
  • Daily backups and sensitive data protection
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Essential Email Features

To help you operate a successful website, we provide the tools you need to create custom emails and configure them with the most reliable and secure emailing service – Microsoft Hosted Exchange. This will help to build trust with your customers, website visitors, and partners. Our incredible Hosted Exchange Service by can solve all your emailing needs and more. In addition, you get these essential services with each hosted exchange account:

ActiveSync Devices

Freely synchronise your mailbox between Exchange Online and mobile devices. Free on iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows and other mobile devices. This way you can stay connected on the go!

Email Transfer Service

Use our Email Migration Tool to easily transfer your emails to our network. Our support team is also available and at your disposal.

Personalised Mailboxes

Customise your email with your company name and information for a more professional look and feel. Get your custom [email protected] and configure it with your Hosted email account.

Consistent 99.9% Uptime

99.9% uptime guarantee and 100% uptime is the standard here. So, you can rest assured that you’ll be connect to the bureau even on holidays. Never lose touch with your team, partners and customers ever again.

Effective Skype for Business Integration

You can effortlessly and reliably send instant Messages and make video calling with the integration of Hosted Exchange and Skype for Business.

Save 20% on Hosted Exchange

You can save 20% by buying Hosted Exchange Office 2013 or 2016 directly from So, don’t order direct from Microsoft! Plus, there’s full support and no set-up fee.

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Vital professional Hosted email service for businesses.

Your business deserves the best security and connectivity for your team. That’s why we’ve further enhanced ours to serve you better. At our data centres are fully managed around the
clock. We also add more protection for your sensitive e-mail, with three Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scans and SSL encryption for all email transmissions.

What is Microsoft Hosted Exchange for?

Microsoft Hosted Exchange is an email software that enables clients to share work together with groups, sync schedules, sync and manage folders, gadgets and send emails all over a quick and highly secure server with 99.9% uptime. is reliable Microsoft Exchange Provider who partners with to bring you the lowest offers for Microsoft Exchange that can save you up to 20% when you buy directly from us.
Microsoft Exchange also known as Hosted Exchange Emails
are extraordinary for large organisations, small businesses, students, non-profits and people who require a private yet professional email platform to ensure their data is always safe and their communication secure.
You’ll love how easy it is to setup Microsoft Exchange. Letting you connect, collaborate, share and store data in a flash. Keep things simple with us and if you run into road-blocks our award-winning support team will walk you through.
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Virus scans and Spam guard

Say no to the headaches to the expense and pains to manage your emails and yes to our Managed Hosted Exchange service. This highly secured and trusted platform provides three layers of security to your emails and effectively scans and guards your inbox. Team up with the toughest spam guard and protect your emails from phishing and malware attempts.

Start using an email software with premium anti-spam and anti-virus scans today. Moreover, we use set email limits to protect our systems integrity. In addition, we use the latest software to secure our servers to provide military-grade email hosting to our valued customers.

High Deliverability Emails

Substantially reduce the chances of your mail ending up in spam by learning about or best practices and expert tips. This way all your emails will be delivered successfully.

Daily Recipients Sending Limits:

Our Sending limitations are to bar spammers from using our service for malicious purposes. It also benefits users as sending limitations allow our service to run faster.

  • Allow users to send 10,000 emails daily.
  • Reduce disruption to service and improve uptime.
  • Allow consistent optimum service for all users.

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FAQ About Hosted Exchange

Is there a daily sending limit?2019-07-22T12:34:06+01:00

Yes there is. Users can send a maximum of 10,000 emails each day. 10,000 emails are classified as sending 100 emails to 100 recipients. This limit helps us to ensure that all our users receive reliable and consistent service.

Is there a restriction for receiving emails?2019-07-22T12:34:36+01:00

Yes. Users can receive a maximum of 400-emails every 10 minutes. Any email sent to the mailbox that goes over the 400 messages limit during the 10-minute period, will experience a delay. These messages will be successfully delivered after the 10 minute-period ends. This limitation helps us in the fight to prevent spam and DDoS attacks
Some Mailboxes will be affected by these limitations. These include mailboxes that get numerous automated emails, systems that produce high volumes of email from services like support ticketing systems and CRMs and mailboxes that receive regular diagnostic information emails.

Where should I report suspicious emails?2019-07-22T12:35:06+01:00

If you suspect that an emails contains spam or phishing forward it to [email protected] We collaborate with anti-abuse specialists to effectively and quickly deal with possible cyberattacks.

Is there a file size limit for sent mails?2019-07-22T12:35:28+01:00

Yes. There is a maximum size of 50 MB for sending message.

Does your system facilitates sending bulk emails?2019-07-22T12:37:32+01:00

No, our system doesn’t offer a bulk email service. However, you can safely send bulk messages using a reputable bulk mailing service to prevent emails from being blocked. By using reputable bulk providers your emails will be successfully delivered and will not be marked as spam.

Can hosted exchange emails be configured on Outlook?2019-07-22T12:38:06+01:00

Yes, you can configure hosted exchange on Outlook. They are fully compatible as Microsoft created Exchange to work with Outlook®. It also syncs well with mobile devices and Outlook Web App. So, you can go ahead and collaborate worldwide using shared global address lists, calendars, and tasks.