It is hard to imagine companies without websites. It is also easy to assume that having a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram etc. is enough, but it is not.

In order to have a successful business in this modern marketplace, it is essential to have a professional website. Your website opens your business and brand to the world.

If by just using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can see growth in your business, imagine how much more you would if you also had a website?

Don’t agree?  Here are some ways a website can help your company to significantly build its clientele and increase revenue.

Customers Expect You To Have A Website

This expectation lies in the fact that your competitors already have websites.  As a result, even if potential clients learn of your business via word-of-mouth they will search for you on the internet.

Even when customers are aware of and are familiar with a company’s brick and mortar location, they will still go online to check out customer reviews and to see exactly what you do up close.

At the end of the day in this technologically advanced society if you do not have a website customers will shop elsewhere.

Building Credibility with a Website

Do you remember a time when business owners would never go out without a business card? Back then, without one persons questioned, if their business was really legitimate or if it could be trusted. The same stands true for websites.  This kind of transparency boosts your company’s credibility.

Additionally online businesses are on the rise and several companies are run solely on the World Wide Web.

Therefore, in today’s technological marketplace, persons view businesses without a website as less trustworthy. Moreover, who purchases products and/ or services from a seemingly dodgy company? No one!

When customers trust a company they support it and tell others.  Therefore, your website helps you to get more customers who intern help to market your business by simply sharing a link with a friend.

With a website, customers can see your brand up close along with what others think of it as well.  Use it to share the values and goals of your company. This way, you can establish trust and build customer relationships.

Add a blog to your website and create content that tells customers that you are qualified in what you do.  Bring them behind the scenes and create educational posts to add value to your brand. This helps to create stronger relationships with consumers and win over skeptics.

It Helps with Target Marketing

All businesses rely on sales to thrive while sales depend on marketing.  To effectively market your company you need insight into who is most likely to buy from you.  These persons are your target audience. Without a website, you would have to do a tedious manual survey.

Luckily, your website doubles up as an online analytic tool and will do this for you and the best part is your customers will not be bombarded with questions.

It will provide information on the demographics of your customers. This data will also include the number of times they visited your site, what they purchased and how often they returned.

From this, you can implement targeted online marketing campaigns to reach even more potential customers.

Having a website Helps to Increase Sales

The whole purpose of a business is to fill a need and be profitable while doing so.  If your business is not making enough money, eventually you will have to ‘lock shop’.   By improving your visibility and marketing your business will be successful.

Your online presence through your website will make it easier for you to reach more consumers. The more potential consumers you reach, the greater the opportunities for you to make a sale.

Sales will not skyrocket overnight after building your website.  However, by taking advantage of SEO (Search engine Optimisation) you can significantly improve your chances of leading persons to your site who are likely to make a purchase.

Having a website can help to grow your sales opportunities.  You can easily add E-commerce and sell items directly from your site.

Around the Clock Accessibility

Another benefit is that you can still make sales even while you are sound asleep in bed.  Your website operates 24/7 and as such increases your accessibility and availability to make sales.

Make it convenient for visitors to browse and make online purchases by customising your site.

Use it to facilitate constant traffic so that consumers can check out your brand and learn more about your products and/ or services.

Can you imagine, doing a pitch, engaging a customer and making a sale without you or anyone else actually being there?  It is possible. Your website is your online salesperson who does not require a commission.

Makes It Easier To Communicate With Customers

Your website makes it quick and easy for you and your customers to communicate.  It also gives them a chance to review products and/or services. Not only is this information good for prospective buyers but for you as well.  This feedback is critical in the development of quality products and service.

You can also create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, with answers to the top questions you receive about your product and/ or service.

Additionally, positive feedback can be used as testimonials, which will influence more potential customers to make a purchase.

Use your website to show off your brand and offer specials without paying extra money to do so.  Upload promotional videos and engage customers in online competitions. Also be sure to promote your website on your social media platforms.

It Creates An Essential Platform For Your Business Information

It doesn’t  matter the type of business you operate.  Having a website gives you the ability to reach across time zones and get customers from all over the world.

If your company has a brick and mortar component you can share your location, opening hours and contact information.  You can also allow customers to make appointments online, view list of products and/ or services and provide samples of your work.

It Is Time To Create Your Company’s Website

Do you now recognise how much your company is losing business because you don’t have a website? Are you finally ready to expand your online reach and visibility by creating one?

Don’t lose another sale. Get started now!

Allow Yoursite to help. Choose from our professional and responsive templates to create a stunning website.  We also provide 24/7 expert support to assist you along the way.