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The Best SEO Services For Your Website

If in need of a SEO tool, don’t miss to try this one. We have two main categories so you can choose the best one for your needs. Choose between Lite SEO and Pro SEO both with unique features that help to optimize Search Engine Results Page gradually and within time, your rating will be the best for your users.


  • Analyze your website’s traffic, content, mobile layout, speed with a professional SEO tool
  • Get 1 monthly update
  • Scan up to 50 pages
  • E-mail support available
  • Download as a PDF
  • See an example report here


  • Use advanced SEO analysis on your site with detailed reports, tips and get real results.
  • Get daily updates
  • Scan up to 500 pages
  • Priority support available
  • Follow Step-by-step SEO Plan
  • Hundreds of professional tips tailored for your site
  • Optimize up to 20 keywords
  • Monitor up to 4 competitors (they’ll never find out)
  • Review monthly progress reports
  • Instant notifications & alerts

*Excludes VAT if applicable

Best SEO features for your website


Get specific feedback for individual pages


Set frequent intervals to get advance SEO audits.


Track quality links to your site and fix URL issues.


Track mobile speed and get tips for a mobile friendly site.

Find The Best Keywords For Your Website!

If you are looking for a great toolkit to improve your keywords, link building, perform advanced SEO audits and check your webpage performance thanks our Lite and PRO SEO tools are perfect for you.


The Lite SEO tool is Free, pay nothing down and get a detailed report every month. You can even download it as PDF and start working to fix your site’s issues, then check again later for improvements. If you wish to enter more pages to be scanned, LITE can scan up to 50 different pages on your site! So, it’s a big deal for users with low budgets. It can support e-mail accounts too allowing you to link your email to get updates every month.

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For any user in search of a SEO auditing tool, this is the real deal! The SEO tool is one of the best gifts you can buy for your website. Get professional SEO PRO analysis for your website, including weekly updates, monitor up to 4 key competitors, get monthly progress reports and even alerts to email or SMS notifying you of new SEO change for your site.

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Tap into the most powerful SEO checker

Our SEO tool scans website picking up all the issues then generates fresh data after each scan. That means if you fix issues you can go back and run a new scan to get real-time SEO reviews!

The tools perform daily or monthly updates and scans depending on your choice of tool. The updates and scans give out results from which you are able to review and determine our ranking position in terms of SERPS. You can also compare statistics with your competitors. Our SEO tool gives you a complete breakdown of the issues that needs to be fixed on your site.


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What does SEO mean?2019-06-27T11:09:40+01:00

SEO, short for search engine optimization, means you make decisive changes to your website content and design with the aim of increasing your website’s visibility and ranking in search engines. Optimizing your website for popular search engines can help to bring more organic traffic, that is un-paid traffic, to your website via its position on search engines. Aim to rank on page one in the top three positions for best results.

SEO also helps to give insights on your performance. It lets you monitor your competitor’s keywords and ranking to give you a better chance to outrank your competition and reach a wider audience.

Who is provides one of the easiest SEO software to improve your website’s ranking in search engines and increase your site’s traffic, with its step-by-step task-based SEO plan. They have partnered with to bring our users an advanced SEO tool that users can bundle with their site builder or hosting plan.

SEO software to power your website to success:

Use the DIY SEO tool to scan your site to start optimizing it today. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Optimize your site for mobile devices.
  • Monitor, and fix backlinks.
  • Perform and review daily website scans.
  • Track your ranking in search engines.
  • Generate detailed SEO reports and add your company’s logo.
  • Connect it to Google Analytics.
  • Sync mobile devices to get real time alerts when SEO parameters change.
  • and much more.


Yoursite offers two versions of SEO analyzer – a free and premium SEO software. The SEO analyzer generates expert driven SEO explanations in a detailed plan to help you fix your SEO issue in stages. Try our Free SEO report to get started now.

Who is DIY SEO tool for?2019-06-27T11:19:57+01:00

This advanced SEO tool is for all users with single or multi-page websites. It helps users create a stronger marketing mix to help users not only rank better but also to gain more organic users.
Our SEO analyzer is made with simplicity in mind. So, there are no restrictions in terms of who can use the SEO tool to optimize a site. Most importantly, you don’t even need to have prior SEO knowledge to begin using this tool. If you want more accurate SEO analysis, better insights on your customers, more accurate keywords, then do-it-yourself SEO is for you.

When I track my competitor’s SEO will they know?2019-06-27T11:21:13+01:00

No. There’s no chance that your competitors will know that they are being monitored. Your competitor’s tracking is 100% private.

With our Free SEO tool, you can track one competitor and with our premium SEO plan you can keep track on up to 4 competitors.

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