[Sales Tax: € 66,13]

Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: € 189,96/year (Min.2)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 98

[Sales Tax: € 115,26]

Additional Domain/SAN Info:
Each Additional Domain: € 165,23/year (Min.2)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 98

[Sales Tax: € 162,69]

Additional Domain/SAN Info:

Each Additional Domain: € 157,35/year (Min.2)

Maximum Total # of Domains: 98

Product summary

Green Address Bar

SAN Support

Vulnerability Assessment


Site Seal: N/A


Server Licensing: N/A

Malware Scan

Validation Type: OV

Issuance: 1-3 Days

Reissue: Unlimited

Warranty: $1,500,000

Symantec® Code Signing Certificates provide a virtual “shrink wrap” to distribute content over the Internet without browser intervention & warnings. When customers download software signed with Authenticode® Technology and verified by Symantec™, they can be assured of the source and integrity.

Symantec Code Signing Certificates help to assure your customers about the identity and authenticity of your software during the user downloading process. But, before you can display your company details as the publisher and start reaping in the benefits of your customer’s trust, Symantec requires your company to complete the organization validation process, which typically takes 1-3 Days. During the validation process, Symantec will attempt to verify your company’s registration details, address and telephone number—preferably using online directories or databases. Don’t worry though, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-read validation guide after purchase in addition to assigning you your own validation expert.

With a Symantec Code Signing certificate, you can secure your content from getting tampered with and from unapproved distribution. These certificates help ensure your users about your authenticity, since the validity of your code has been established and protected with this “digital shrink wrap.”

The Symantec Code Signing certificate is the most compatible option of its kind that we offer, supporting all major platforms like:

Symantec is also one of just a few trusted providers of code signing for:

Microsoft Authenticode®

Windows Phone


AT&T Developer Program

Adobe® AIR™

Java Verified


Symbian Signed applications



SHA-2 support is also available for Symantec Code Signing certificates.

Symantec Code Signing is a fully Business Validated Signing Certificate

Each code signing certificate provides a digital signature for one of the following: Microsoft Authenticode, VBA and Office, Sun Java, Adobe Air, or Macromedia Shockwave. (Please note: one code signing certificate will cover one platform.)

Robust and time-tested authentication process to verify the publisher identity

Proof that code has not changed or been tampered with since signing

Unlimited signing with a valid Code Signing certificate

Include $1,500,000 Warranty

Available 24/7 phone, email and chat support

Allow you to sign kernel-mode software and device drivers

Show customers that your code and content are safe to download

Inspire user confidence and protect your brand and business reputation

Eliminate disruptive security alerts and reduce support inquiries

Meet requirements for more platforms than any other code signing provider

Increase adoption of downloadable software and online sales

Lower total cost of ownership with time-stamping.

Symantec Code Signing certificates do not come with a Site Seal because it is not designed to be advertised publically on your website. However, code signing certificates do include unique digital signatures embedded within the code of your site. These signatures help ensure your customers that the code comes from you and has not been corrupted or altered since it was created and signed.

The Symantec Code Signing certificate provides warranty protection up to $1,500,000against any unauthorized use, disclosure, safety compromise, unauthorized revocation, loss of use and possibly an incorrect issuance. This is the highest warranty on the market available with a code signing certificate.

Additionally, the reissuance insurance and free installation checker are just two more reasons to go with a Symantec’s Code Signing Certificate. These extraordinary features go above and beyond the competition.

Simply put – Symantec is the most trusted name in internet security. If you truly want the most bang for your buck when it comes to SSL, there simply isn’t a better option than a Symantec branded certificate. Why? Because, along with additional features like daily malware scans and vulnerability assessments, Symantec SSL certificates come with the most universally trusted image on the planet – the Norton seal. These certificates offer tremendous ROI potential and are a worth-while investment for any online business that places the highest level of importance on their customers’ trust and security.

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