Your Online Security Starts with a VPN

Take back control of your online privacy and security with a VPN.


Hide your IP and stay anonymous where ever you go

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Browse the Internet with a secure and anonymous VPN service

Why Use A VPN?

Freedom Online

VPNs removes internet censorship, geo-blocked websites giving you full access to any site content.

Total Privacy

Your VPN sessions are 100% private. Browse the web without government and site surveillance.

Security Tunnel

With VPN you browse in an encrypted tunnel online. All your passwords and sensitive data stays safe.

Unblock Netflix with a VPN

Use the Netflix VPN to unlock the shows you want to watch that are not available in your country, without being detected.

Control your Online Privacy

Protect your data with a virtual private network that guarantees military-grade data protection 256-bit encryption.

Hide your true IP Address

Our VPN keeps your true IP Address hidden and assigns you a random one for browsing, to be protected and undetected online.

Enjoy the perks of our VPN cyber-security, complete with these benefits

Guarantee Privacy and Security With A VPN

Military Grade Encryption

The VPN Service is secured by Military Grade AES-256 Encryption along with SHA-256 Hash Authentication to keep you and your data safe online. Browse with confidence knowing your data is protected from Spying eyes such as Government agencies, Corporations and Cybercriminals.


Avoid VPN Detection Systems

Websites often block traffic from VPN enabled devices to keep your access restricted which we disagree with. Our VPN Service avoids detection systems in place by making your VPN traffic appear as regular web traffic. Making the service great as a Netflix VPN to watch shows only available in different regions.

No Data Logging

VPN Providers often log information about customer online activities which puts you at risk. Our VPN Service never collects or stores any data regarding you or your online activities to respect your right to privacy.



The standard protocol used by VPN Providers to create secure Virtual Private Networks is Point-to-Point Tunneling which can be detected by websites. We utilize Layer Two Tunneling for the VPN Service which ISP’s use so you are able to avoid VPN Detection Systems.

Lighting Fast VPN

The VPN Service not only hides your IP Address it offers you lighting fast connection speeds that are ideal for Streaming, Transferring Data, Online Gaming, Downloading and Uploading Content. While using the VPN you are guaranteed an uninterrupted service due to multi-point connections in place.

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40+ Servers in 30 Countries

Want to browse content from other countries but can’t due to Government or ISP Restrictions? The VPN Service we provide is ideal, connect to any of our 40+ Servers located in 30 Different Countries around the world to get around restrictions.

24/7 Support for when you need it!

Need assistance to get more out of your VPN Service or just need to resolve an issue? Our FAQ, Blog and Knowledge Base are a great source for free resources and our dedicated support team are always on standby. We look forward to resolving your issue.

Get answers about our VPN service and more in our FAQ

VPN Service Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network and works connecting your device to a Private Network that operates using encryption to hide your IP Address and Protect Data allowing you to share information and browse the internet safely.

When you go online with a VPN a secure encrypted tunnel is established which data flows through protecting you from prying eyes ensuring your online activities, remain private and safe. The majority of online users take advantage of VPN Services as a way to improve online security.

Unsure if a VPN is right for you? We suggest users that do the following employ a VPN to improve their online security and guarantee the protection of data:

– You use Public Wi-Fi Hotspots for Work or Personal Data.

– You use Online Banking or Shopping Services.

– You work remotely or undertake freelance jobs.

– You handle customer data that requires protection.

You can connect 5 devices simultaneously. Our VPN plans can be used on multiple devices with just one subscription.

Our Powerful VPN Service covers your online tracks for multiple devices regardless of what device you use –  be it Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. Browse the internet unrestricted at lighting fast speeds without the fear of being tracked. You can visit our support articles for specific setup tutorials for the following connections.

Computer: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook

Mobile: Android, iPhone, iPad,

Media/Gaming Console: Wireless Routers

You can download our VPN product for your device here.

With a subscription to our Secure VPN Service you will gain access to:

– 40+ Servers Operating in 30 Countries

– VPN Software and OpenVPN Access

– Stealth VPN Mode

– Anonymous Downloading & Private Browsing

– PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) Connections

A single subscription allows you to connect all your devices at the same time however you can only use the VPN service on one of each device at the same time.

– Computer

– Mobile Phone

– Media/Gaming Console

– Router

Get a VPN for every device you own

Our VPN will never reveal your identity and it’s compatible with all major operating systems like macOS, Windows, Android and more.