What are Domains & How to Find the Best One?

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Yoursite makes it easy for you to find, develop and create sites easy with any of our 200+ templates. If you are thinking of starting you own site, you’ll first need to register your own domain. Let us help. In this blog, we’ll explore how Yoursite helps with fast and easy domain registration and development.

What exactly is a Domain Name?

If you need to find someone, knowing the exact address will get you there in no time. That’s what a domain name does as well. It is the equivalent of your website’s physical address, popularly known as a URL.

For someone to find you on the Internet, all they need to do is type in your domain name to find you. That’s why domain names should be easy to remember like Yoursite.

If domain names didn’t exist, the next best thing would be to use the existing IP address, but trying to remember a string of numbers every time you want to visit a website would prove to be very tedious.

How to find the right domain name for building a brand

  1. First, secure your .com domain name early. That’s because .com is still the most popular form of domain names, which means they go quickly. The truth is that most of the good ones are already taken. If you are able to secure your .com domain name now, though it may cost you, you should because if you wait too long it is likely to become even more expensive.
  2. Don’t count out the new gTLDs (Generic top-level domain). An example of a gTLD is “domain name.diamonds” or “domain name.dog”. Majority of the good .com domains have already been taken and if you want to acquire it, you may have to pay good money for it. This is where gTLDs come in; they present an excellent opportunity for you to acquire a cost-effective and more relevant domain name online.
  3. If your desired domain name is taken, consider not approaching the domain name owner as yourself. Instead, you may want to use an intermediary who understands what is involved in domain name negotiations. It will definitely save you lots of time and money.

Register domains with these three tips

If you’re thinking of creating your own web address, then you will need to know how domain name registration works.

Domain Names Must be Unique

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First, ensure that the domain name you are planning on using does not already exist. Many websites offer this assistance and if the name you want to use does not come up, then you will be able to use it as your domain name.

Find a trusted registrar or web host

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The next step is to find a registrar or trusted web host to register your domain name. Similar to platforms that assist with finding you a domain name, there are domain name registrars and hosting companies readily available too.

Web Hosting Platform

When that is complete it’s time to get the best host for your domain so that everyone on the Internet will have access to your site. With Yoursite you can develop domains fast and easy.

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Types of Domain Names

Now that we understand how domains work, let’s explore the different extensions you can have for your domain name. Of course, the most popular extension is .com but there more options available such as .org, .info, .net, .io, etc. The most preferred option is .com.

TLD or top-level domain

Earlier we spoke of top-level domain or TLD. These are generic domain extensions that are always listed at the highest level of the domain name system. Some examples of TLD’s are of course .com as well as .org and .net.

ccTLD or country code top-level domain

Another type of domain extension is the country code top-level domain or ccTLD. As the name suggests, this TLD is tied to a specific country. An example of ccTLD is .uk for the United Kingdom, .de for Germany and .jm for Jamaica.

sTLD or sponsored top-level domains

Finally, there are sponsored top-level domains or sTLD. A sTLD is as the name suggests has a sponsor that represents a specific community that is served by the specific domain extension. An example of sTLD is .edu and would represent educational institutions.

Learn more about sTLDs here.

Transfer your Website to Yoursite

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Wrapping up

Domains and Domain names have become a scarce commodity since persons create them every day. If you are thinking creating a website soon, then it’s time you start researching the domain name you have in mind. If it doesn’t already exist, you may want to register it so that you don’t lose it. Ready to register a domain to start your site? Find and register top level domains from your reliable domain host.