What is Webmail and Why it Matters

What is WebMail

Webmail is extremely easy to use as it does not require you to get any specialized software. However, in the world of web mail, internet connection is king. Web hosting companies, most of them at least, will allow you to use webmail to access your email accounts and that too is super simple. But, despite its ease of use, without an active internet connection, you cannot do anything with Webmail.

Let’s look at what exactly Webmail is and why it matters.

What Is Webmail?

The easiest definition for Webmail is that is an email account that’s web based. It provides a platform or interface that allows you to manage your email accounts.

Think of free email accounts like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo email accounts. The requirements to access webmail are minimal because all you need is internet connection and a web browser.

Webmail is completely web based which means you can access it anywhere in the world provided you have an active internet connection.

Should your web hosting provide webmail?

As mentioned before, most web hosts provide access to your email accounts via webmail. But is this necessary?

One of the best things about webmail is the secure unlimited access it gives you to your mail. You are not tied down to a specific computer and system.

It is therefore important that your web hosting provider offer this service, particularly for times when you need to reply to or send emails, but don’t have access to a system.

Webmail is ideal for those who want to connect with the world on the go. Providing access to it is therefore helpful as it keeps you being productive without the hassle. Web hosts like Yoursite, offers webmail free. It’s on of the applications in your cPanel. Here’s a quick video to walk you through the set-up process.

Is it easy to access your emails with Webmail?

The whole experience with webmail is meant to be quick and simple, so accessing your emails is no different.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Get a URL for webmail from your web host.
  2. Load the webmail URL in a web browser.
  3. Enter the username and password for the email account, when prompted to.

As long as you entered the correct information, you will get access to your email account.

What are the Pros of WebMail?

Ease of access – It does not require any special software or configuration and allows you to access your mail anywhere and at any time.

Ease of Use – Not much is required of you in terms of using webmail. All you really need is to sign in.

Cost – There’s no cost attached. It’s free, as noted before.

Cons of using Webmail

Security – Because you can access your account anywhere, some individuals opt to do so from a public computer. Experts warn against this as it could compromise your account’s security.

Adverts – Annoying pop up ads tend to be part of the package with webmail. Like with most free services, you may be forced to deal with advertisements always filling up your screen.

Storage– Storage space can be limited since Webmail is hosted on you web hosting server. Sending large attachments can therefore be an issue. However, you can check your webmail setting to increase the storage according to your needs.

Is Webmail and Email Client the same thing?

Email Client can sometimes be confused with webmail, but they are not the same things. The two are similar in that they serve the same purpose. Both are used for sending emails, accessing calendar, storing contact list, etc.

However, the major difference between the two is how they are accessed.

Webmail is strictly web based while Email Client, such as Microsoft Outlook, is a desktop program that lets you gain access to your emails on your computer without having to log in via the web.

There are other differences such as:

  • How lost emails are recovered
  • Webmail – You have to contact your email service provider to retrieve inaccessible or accidentally deleted emails. 
  • Email Client  – Deleted or unreachable emails can be retrieved using a data recovery company.
  • Frequency of System updates
    • Webmail updates every few weeks or so.
    • Email Clients updates can take years to be released.

The backing up process is also different, but the means through which they are accessed remains the main difference between the two.


When building a website, there are many things to consider and the decisions you make can determine the success or failure of your site. They will also determine how hard you must work and while hard work pays off, if there’s a simpler way to do a task and get the same or better results, that’s always a good option.

Using a web host that provides web mail is one of those options that get the job done with half the work. Did you know you can connect the secure webmail service to an email client you already use? Check this tutorial for steps to connect your webmail to Outlook.